I took to running mainly due to a lot of my colleagues in Chicago who really inspired me. I worked with folks who would run 4-5 marathons a year. Lot of folks had done Triathlon, mainly Iron Man – Triathlon. I started running mainly 5Ks every year from 2007 and finally made my first half marathon in 2009. I continued running 5K and 10K up until the point I moved back to Bangalore. Bangalore, one of the worst traffic scenarios in India. It is a nightmare for people to run on the street. No proper roads, no street lights(In case you are a night runner)Read More →

One of the fantastic things that Amazon has done is to provide a years worth of free AWS usage(Check the free tier category) before you use any service to avoid fees. This really provides an opportunity for first time users to test out everything there is to within AWS. Below I list a few services that I leverage and use: Users Used to manage the EC2 and other activities using IAM user account. Some of the key roles and users that could be created are Developers Dev-ops Bill viewer Bill Payment Github or any 3rd party connections (Very important to create a separate one for eachRead More →

This document should help with git reference that is needed on a regular basis. I feel that this will act as a cheat sheet for quick reference. I also reviewed a lot to see which makes more sense to use Github or Bitbucket. In the end I decided with Github for many reasons one being how well its integrated with 3rd party. read up here to see other perspectives.   Great article (Github vs bitbucket) http://blog.takipi.com/bitbucket-vs-github-its-more-than-just-features/   Stash/Bitbucket is Git repository software. It provides a web interface. The starting page shows all the projects, on which the current user has access. The project page lists all the repositories belongingRead More →

Late last year I finally entered into the Indian equity trading bandwagon. I am not new to trading as I have been doing it since 2000 but in the US market. What I found was that the Indian market is very vibrant and the amount of sectors and companies are huge. I started off with a very different way of trading in India unlike my other trading experiences. Here my goal was short term and tide surfing. It was a huge change to my other way of trading 🙂 Key differences were Functional Analysis vs Technical Analysis Short term vs Long term With tide surfing youRead More →

I started looking into CMS to figure out what makes sense for us to use for certain use cases. Here is my take on CMS in general. To state the obvious, micro-services concept is the future of web architectures. What is CMS? A Content Management System(CMS) is a software that helps us to manage content. Content can be in the form of text, images, movies, links or any data. When choosing a CMS, make sure that your team and developers are familiar with the programming language and the database that the CMS uses. This is very important as there will be a need to customise the backend toRead More →

Wow what a ride it has been. Both for myself and for the company. I started working in the Chicago office in 2005 Feb as a Sr Software Engineer. I started off with the Dynamic packaging team and helped build out great features and new package combinations using some amazing technologies and archirectures. I can’t believe that we had used EJB’s in our booking engines 🙂 at that time. Within few months then arrived our great Technology build out effort and spanned across multiple years. During those days I spent quite some time building out Activities(Attractions and Services) products and launching partners such as Disney.Read More →

It’s been a full circle for me and my hosting career. In 2005 I started hosting at home. I used a AMD Athalon 2 Core 64MB Ram. I used Apache web server, tomcat. Started using the beta version ofGallery Photo Hosting, WordPress Blog was the platform for all hosting. Since then both the tools have come a long way. In 2010 I moved away from hosting at home and started using Blue Host for all my websites. In total I was hosting around 6 websites. Bluehost provided me with the platform where I didn’t have to manage any infrastructure and also provided lot of easyRead More →

B2B is the affectionate nick name given to me by the employees of our office :-). We have a fantastic team that thinks that the growth of the company is everyones responsibility. We started off as concept that we can have a small team and Grow our culture and presence organically. It is always great to bring leaders, individuals from multiple backgrounds and culture and have them appreciate and adapt our culture. So how do you define culture? It’s a great question and something that I have pondered over. In the end I feel that there are certain core set of values that each organisationRead More →

summary of the book ” 7 habits of highly effective people” and the reality check of each of those habits based on my experience. I guess every leader eventually figures out as to what really works for them. For me the 2 key take always were P/PC balance. production and Production capability. To really achieve the effectiveness of production you need to understand the ability that produces this effectiveness. Focus on the right things. The order in which you look at things matter the most. Important and urgent Important and non urgent Urgent and non important Non urgent and non importantRead More →